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we are here to provide you visa for guidence.we will provide you visas for abroad and we also deal in schengen countries:europ,itlay,france,germany,portugal,poland etc.we are specialest for providing visas of all country like : canada,usa,uk,australia,new zealand
in europe also and couple visa is also provided.our services expert visa counseling,less consultancy fees,ilets,cyprus and singapore study visa with less fees passport service,tour pakeges,international and domastic airticket money transfer from westeran union moving money for better

5 Best countries for move on!                                              5 Best schengen countries

1.Australia                                                                                   1.Greece

2.United kingdom                                                                      2.Finland

3.Usa                                                                                             3.France

4.New Zealand                                                                            4.poland

5.England                                                                                     5 Iceland

Study visa


Students who wants to study in abroad or want to settle your self in other country. We will provide  you the visas for all the countries and also provide you the admission in the best universities and we also have tie ups with all these countries and all the best universities. If you are good in studies we will also provide you scholarship from universities and get visa 100%  for more …..

To enter the united states The following visa categories
Private elementary school F
High School F
Conservatory F
Seminary F
University or college F
academic institution, including a language training program F
other recognized nonacademic institution or Vocational or other recognized nonacademic institution other than a language training program M



Work visa:



H-1B: Persons who are in specility occupation Required a higher education degree or its equivalent. which includes fashion models of distinguished merit
H-1B1: (FTA) Free Trade Argeement Required a post-secondary degree at least four years of study in the field of specialization.
H-2A: Temporary Agricultural Worker Constrained to residents or nationals of assigned nations, with restricted special cases, if resolved to be in the United States intrigue.
H-2B: Temporary Non-agricultural Worker For impermanent or occasional non-horticultural work. Restricted to residents or nationals of assigned nations, with constrained special cases
H-3: Special Education visitor or traning To get preparing, other than graduate restorative or scholastic, that is not accessible in the learner’s nation of origin or down to earth preparing programs in the instruction of youngsters with menta
L: Intracompany Transferee To work at a branch, parent, member, or backup of the present business in an administrative or official limit, or in a position requiring specific information. Individual more likely than not been utilized by similar manager abroad ceaselessly for 1 year inside the three going before years.
O: Extraordinary Ability or Achievement people with unprecedented capacity or accomplishment in the sciences, expressions, training, business, sports, or exceptional perceived accomplishments in the film and TV fields, exhibited by managed national or worldwide praise, to work in their field of ability. Incorporates people giving fundamental administrations in support of the above person.
P-1:Member of an Entertainment Group,Individual or Athlete To perform at a particular athletic rivalry as a competitor or as an individual from a stimulation gather. Requires a globally perceived level of maintained execution. Incorporates people giving key administrations in support of the above person.
P-2: Artist or Entertainer under a proportional trade program between an association in the United States and an association in another nation. Incorporates people giving key administrations in support of the above person.
P-3: Individual group of Artist or Entertainer To perform, educate or mentor under a program that is socially remarkable or a customary ethnic, people, social, musical, dramatic, or masterful execution or presentation. Incorporates people giving fundamental administrations in support of the above person.
Q-1:Exchange Program and Participant in an International Cultural For down to earth preparing and business and for sharing of the history, culture, and customs of your nation of origin through investment in a worldwide social trade program.

For more ….

Tourist visa:

Tourist visa is also called visitor visa which is used only for holidays or some work which is done in few days it contains only 6-7 days of visa for this visa. We also provide packages for tourist visa which contains your visa , your airplane tickets , your Hotel where you want to stay for your tourist visa , If you want to hire a person who guide you it was also provided in very region able cost For more …. 

schedule of interview

If your age is 13 or Younger Interview is not required
If your 14-79 Interview is required (some exceptions for renewals)
If your age is 80 or older Interview is not required



Methods to apply visa and requirements 

The application method for a study abroad visa will be confusing as a result of it’s totally different for various countries. thereupon being same, if you follow these basic pointers further as those from the state department of the country you’re attending to be learning, you must haven’t any bother.

Unfortunately, not like a passport, there’s no single application for a Student Visa because the needs disagree from country to country. You’re beginning ought to be to require a glance at the ( won’t take you on to the visa application, however it’ll offer you an summary of things just like the location of the U.S. embassy and any diplomat offices; whether or not you would like a visa; crime and security information; health and medical conditions; drug penalties; and localized hot spots among different things.

Your next step ought to be to go to the ( or contact United States of America web site of your host country. this can be wherever you’ll be able to realize your visa application. whereas all of their websites disagree, they’ll be navigated fairly equally. seek for an area titled “Students” or “Studying in…” There ought to be a commonly asked queries, or FAQ, section and an area explaining each the components of the appliance and also the terms utilized in the appliance. Don’t be afraid to use the wordbook. As you’ll before long realize, English usage isn’t identical everyplace within the world.

Many applications area unit done on a degree based mostly system. providing you meet the monetary demand ANd area unit sponsored by an licenced establishment, then you must have the desired quantity of points required for the Visa. Like I same earlier, there’s no general application for a Visa, thus below I’ve written prompt tips that ought to clarify a couple of aspects of the applications normally and hopefully build the complete method a bit electric sander for you. additionally to the fundamental on-line application, here is what’s typically needed for a study abroad visa; but, make certain to visualize together with your host country for specific pointers and needs.

. A letter from your abroad establishment on their own stationery stating that they’re sponsoring you. It ought to embrace things like tuition and space and board prices, proof of housing, etc.

.Written proof that you just have an explicit quantity of cash in an exceedingly checking account together with your name thereon with that you’ll use to measure. this can be become independent from space and board prices thus there’s no approach around it. after I visited the united kingdom, the desired quantity was $5,400. If you don’t have that a lot of cash, asks your parent, guardian or shut relative if they may deposit the money into your account, and you’ll be able to pay them back at a later date. Again, even as with the letter from your abroad establishment, the letter from your bank has to air their stationery.

.Proof that you just have how of paying your tuition. i used to be lucky enough to pay tuition through my home school UN agency then transferred the cash to my abroad faculty. All I required was AN instrument letter from my faculty on – you guessed it – their official stationery. If you’re not researching your home school or university however rather AN freelance study abroad program, then you’ll have to be compelled to be able to prove that you’ll be able to pay another approach.

.Obtain your biometry. this can be a elaborate word for fingerprints. Once you end your application on-line, you’ll mechanically sign in for an arrangement to urge your fingerprints taken. thereon day you’ll have to be compelled to go right down to the closest immigration center, consulate, or where they need you to travel, and acquire your prints electronically. It’s a reasonably easy and straightforward method.

.Your passport. At now, you must have already got a passport. you’ll be needed to mail it in along side the remainder of the documents proving that you just have the suggests that to measure therein specific country for a summer, semester or year. you’ll get your passport back with the visa within.

.Passport quality photos. you must be able to realize each county’s specifications on their several visa web site. As you probably did together with your United States of America passport, you’ll be able to in all probability get your photos at any native CVS, Walgreens, etc. Don’t arrange to take your own picture. you merely have enough time to use for your visa once, and you can’t afford to own your application rejected attributable to a poor quality picture.


Visa made easier under student partner program.Diploma & PG Dip available with co-op ILETS required with standardized test and minimum 5.5 bands and over all 6 bands are required ,visa in 15-20 working days pay fee after visaour office is on 302 mughal kanal and to Contact-us: (0)8295412881,(0)7206988613 and get more information

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