Immigration to Canada: The Year in Review

Immigration to Canada: The Year in Review

2016 has been a arresting year, and 2017 promises to accompany even added absolute account for individuals and families casual to Canada

Canadian clearing programs can be anecdotal into three ample categories, namely the bread-and-butter programs, the Family Class programs, and refugee/humanitarian programs. In all three categories, 2016 can be declared as an aberrant year. The new Liberal government saw opportunities to advance programs beyond the lath and, by alive in bike with bigoted partners, they managed to access the amount of new arrivals, abate processing times, and accord added humans the befalling to fulfil their activity dream of advancing to Canada.

Of course, it’s the data that matter. Just how did this absolute Canadian eyes for clearing appear about? Who was involved, who benefited, and why? Let’s casting our minds aback to this time endure year.


As the year began, the new government had abandoned been in appointment for two months. John McCallum had been alleged as the new Minister of Immigration, and one of the aboriginal acts was to re-brand what had been accepted as Citizenship and Clearing Canada (CIC) as Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). It was about this time that IRCC was heavily focused on the government’s acclamation affiance to achieve tens of bags of refugees from Syria, an accomplishment that was broadly commended and ultimately successful.

On the Family Class front, the Parent and Grandparent Affairs (PGP) appliance aeon accepted badly popular, with IRCC accepting 10,000 applications for processing afterwards added than 14,000 applications were accustomed aural three days.

There were aswell developments in the bread-and-butter programs. Quebec abandoned the accommodation belief for its accomplished artisan affairs and launched a new online appliance administration arrangement alleged Mon Projet Québec, Alberta began accepting new applications afresh beneath the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program, and the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Affairs reopened all categories, some of which accomplished their assimilation caps aural days. In addition, there were three Express Entry draws, with a absolute of 4,449 Invitations to Administer (ITAs) issued in January alone.


2016 was a year in which the Bigoted Nominee Programs (PNPs) became added activating than anytime before. In February, British Columbia launched its Skills Clearing Registration Arrangement (SIRS), a new arrangement for baronial and selecting workers and all-embracing graduates through a lot of categories of the BC PNP. This includes categories accumbent with the federal Express Entry system, as able-bodied as assertive ‘base’ categories that are candy alfresco that system. Over the advance of the year (up to the time of writing), BC has issued added than 6,000 Invitations to Administer for clearing to the arena through the SIRS.

The federal Express Entry arrangement connected to allure candidates to administer for abiding residence. The everyman Comprehensive Baronial Arrangement (CRS) absolute beginning in February was 453.


The government of Canada appear its 2016 Clearing Levels Plan aboriginal in March, ambience a ambition of up to 305,000 new immigrants over the advance of the year. At the time, this was a almanac ambition amount in avant-garde Canadian history. Added than bisected of these newcomers would appear through the bread-and-butter programs, while there were cogent ambition increases beneath the Family Class and refugee/humanitarian categories. Minister McCallum said the government’s ambition was to “bring in immigrants who ambition to body a bigger Canada.”

The government aswell fabricated commitments to abate processing times, abolish the codicillary abiding abode accouterment from assertive sponsored spouses and common-law partners, and affluence the alleyway to abiding abode for all-embracing acceptance and graduates in Canada.


IRCC appear its long-awaited anniversary Express Entry address in April. A part of added details, it was appear that an accretion bulk of candidates alfresco Canada were getting arrive to administer for abiding abode — over the added bisected of 2015, 39% of all arrive candidates resided alfresco Canada, added than bifold the bulk for the aboriginal bisected of the year. Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia remained the a lot of accepted destination provinces, admitting at a per capita rate, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island (PEI) were aswell awful popular.

There was aswell movement in business clearing to Canada if Quebec appear reopening dates for anniversary of its business clearing categories, including the ever-popular Quebec Investor Program, as able-bodied as the administrator and self-employed categories.


Since the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Affairs (OINP) aboriginal appear that it was adjustment assertive streams with the federal Express Entry arrangement in June, 2015, candidates acclaimed that the OINP provided a avenue to bigoted nomination, which comes with a 600-point benefit beneath the CRS and an ITA at consecutive draw. The Human Capital Priorities beck accepted to be decidedly popular. This beck is ‘passive’ in the faculty that an Express Entry applicant may alone accomplish an appliance if he or she is contacted by the OINP and issued what is accepted as a Notification of Absorption (NOI).

In May, 2016, Ontario appear that it was agreement a acting abeyance on applications beneath some OINP streams, including Human Capital Priorities, due to the allocation accepting been reached. However, the OINP declared that it accepted to be in a position to acquire new applications through these streams again. Candidates in the basin should apprehend annual from Ontario in the abreast future.

Also in May, BC had its BC PNP allocation increased, Saskatchewan accustomed added newcomers through its All-embracing Accomplished Worker categories (including the SINP Express Entry sub-category), and the government belted afterpiece to alteration the Citizenship Act. A part of added changes, these aldermanic changes would abate the bulk of time abiding association accept to reside in Canada in adjustment to become acceptable to administer for citizenship.


The much-anticipated summer appliance assimilation aeon for the Quebec Accomplished Worker Affairs opened the morning of June 13, afore closing aural hours afterwards the assimilation cap was reached. This assimilation was belted to individuals who had already created a Mon Projet Québec annual beforehand in the year, admitting the conception of new accounts was opened up afterwards in the ages in apprehension of the next assimilation period.

In added news, Manitoba and Saskatchewan connected to acceptable accomplished workers to their ambit through the Bigoted Nominee Programs.


By mid-summer, the bulk of candidates getting arrive to administer for abiding abode through Express Entry had decreased to about 750-800 per draw. However, an IRCC representative, speaking at an accident in Edmonton, Alberta beforehand in the summer, appear that the bulk of ITAs issued would access decidedly afterwards in the year. In the end, this angry out to be the case.

The ambit remained active, with Saskatchewan and Manitoba administering draws, and Canada’s Atlantic ambit advertisement a new aggregate action with the federal government. This action eventually became the Atlantic Clearing Pilot Program, through which up to 2,000 newcomers will appear to Canada in 2017.


The August assimilation for the Quebec Accomplished Worker Program, abundant like the June intake, was accomplished aural hours of the affairs reopening, benefiting individuals who had able able-bodied in advance. The government of Quebec wishes to move to a demand-based ‘Expression of Interest’ arrangement (akin to the federal Express Entry system) at some date in 2017, and so this assimilation may accept been the final assimilation beneath the first-come, first-served system. But you never know, tech projects tend to yield best than accepted to implement, and the affairs may reopen beneath the first-come, first-served archetypal afresh afore the new arrangement comes into force.

British Columbia performed two BC PNP draws in August, accouterment a avenue to abiding abode for hundreds added workers and graduates. One noteworthy aspect of the BC PNP All-embracing Alum sub-categories is that the alum does not necessarily charge to accept advised in BC; graduates of institutions in added ambit may be eligible. There was aswell a draw beneath the Manitoba Bigoted Nominee Program, and Saskatchewan’s All-embracing Accomplished Worker – Occupations In-Demand sub-category reopened for 700 new applications (and, like antecedent intakes, this first-come, first-served assimilation abounding aural a brace of days).


There was affluence of Express Entry annual through September as the bulk of ITAs issued began to access if anniversary draw was announced. Eventually, this culminated in draw sizes tripling amid backward August and mid-November. The CRS absolute beginning aswell began to abatement already afresh at this time, in band with IRCC’s expectations.

It was aswell appear that added than 320,000 new abiding association had landed in Canada over the aeon from July, 2015 to July, 2016, the accomplished bulk of new arrivals for abounding decades. Six ambit took in almanac numbers of newcomers.

In addition, British Columbia and Manitoba both conducted draws through their corresponding PNPs


After a ages in which Express Entry draws connected to abound beyond in size, the big annual in October came on the final day if IRCC appear its 2017 Clearing Levels Plan. This plan alleged for cogent increases in bread-and-butter clearing to Canada, decidedly through the programs managed beneath Express Entry, as able-bodied as the Bigoted Nominee Programs (and abounding PNPs connected to acceptable new applications through October). The bulk of humans to be arrive to administer for Canadian abiding abode through Express Entry in 2017 is accepted to go up considerably.

The government aswell appear its ambition to accession the best age of abased accouchement that may be included on an clearing appliance to beneath than 22 years of age (up from the accepted absolute of beneath than 19). This ambition forms allotment of the government’s charge to ancestors reunification.


November was arguably the a lot of important ages in Canadian clearing over the absolute year. In any added month, the actuality that government of Canada’s website comatose in the deathwatch of the U.S. Presidential Election would be the capital story, but not so in November, 2016, for this was the ages if long-awaited improvements to the Express Entry arrangement were announced. Not alone that, but these improvements came into force just a anniversary afterwards the announcement.

The changes included the application of CRS credibility to above all-embracing acceptance in Canada, a abridgement in the bulk of credibility awarded for a condoning job offer, the addition of new agency to be awarded credibility for a job offer, and an access in the authority of an ITA already it is issued to a candidate.

The accepted aftereffect of these changes, according to IRCC, will be that ‘A abridgement of credibility to candidates with abiding application agency the CRS absolute will decline.’ Since the changes were aboriginal announced, tens of bags of candidates and abeyant candidates accept acclimated the CRS Calculator to actuate how the changes may affect their profile.


So far, December has aswell been a active month. The Clearing Minister has appear that processing times for the spousal/common-law accomplice categories of Ancestors Class clearing programs are to be bargain to 12 months, from an boilerplate of 24 months, with an added ambition to eventually abate processing times to as low as six months. There was added acceptable annual for spouses and ally getting sponsored aural Canada if the Open Work Permit Pilot Affairs was continued for addition year.

And that was not all the changes beneath the Ancestors Class this month, as it was aswell appear that there would be a new action arrangement for the 2017 Parent and Grandparent Affairs intake, accouterment sponsors with a 30-day window of befalling to annals their absorption as of January 3, 2017.

Finally, there accept been added draws for accomplished workers at the federal (Express Entry) and bigoted levels over the closing weeks of the year. The latest Express Entry draw saw a absolute of 1,936 candidates arrive to administer for abiding residence.

2017 accepted to accompany added updates than ever

“Right now, there is an appetence a part of all stakeholders for an even added robust, activating clearing system. The bigoted governments are arrant out for newcomers, and the federal government is able-bodied positioned and absorbed to accompany them in. Businesses and communities are searching for aptitude and regeneration,” says Attorney David Cohen.

“2016 was arresting for a bulk of reasons. Government goals were announced, but added chiefly these goals were again met. We can apprehend added of the aforementioned as we access 2017.

“For individuals who accept not yet taken accomplish against acumen their own clearing objectives, I animate them to complete an appraisal so that they can apperceive the abounding ambit of their options. At this time, with so abounding changes accepting taken abode and added to come, it is important to lay out a alleyway that makes faculty for the alone and his or her family, if absolutely that is applicable.”


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